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Oferta Bangkok-based Students' Services Agency

Dodano: piątek, 8 września 2017
As the beautiful Summer Season is already almost over, and as students and lecturers are now back to work/study, I am taking this opportunity to contact you and send you some information about our Programs and Services again, so that perhaps this may serve students of yours in need of Internships and Management Training program opportunities in the year 2017-18!
As you know, RMC is a Bangkok-based Students' Services Agency offering placement for Internships and Management Training Programs for within the Hospitality Industry Exclusively! Our Company works in collaboration with 4 and 5 star Hotels and Luxurious Resorts, primarily in Thailand, as well as in other Southeast-Asian countries including but not limited to: Vietnam, Bali Indonesia, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
The high-season for the Tourism Industry in Thailand and Southeast-Asia to be starting in November, and last until the end of April 2018, we at RMC are currently on the lookout for Enrolled Students, and/or Recent Graduates of Hospitality and Management Studies, to be part of traineeship programs in the Asia-Pacific region.
For more information about our programs, attached are:
• Winter 2017-18 Poster
• Thailand Program Description 2017
Thanks to let me know if further information about us and our programs is required; I am also available for a Skype call at your convenience.
Best Regards,
Jedsadaporn CHANTHACHOT (Pare), Recruitment Coordinator & Customer Services
4-my-future by RMC - (RM Consulting Co., Ltd.)
Office: +66-8-5159-7901
Mobile: +66-8-7209-3030
Skype: jedsadaporn@rmconsulting.org
E-mail: jedsadaporn@rmconsulting.org
Websites: www.4-my-future.com
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