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Congress Keynote Speaker 

Invited Keynote Speaker 

Prof. Kantaro Matsui
President of IBU – International Budo University, Chiba, Japan
Director of JAB – Japanese Academy of Budo, Tokyo, Japan
Chairman of the general incorporated Association of Budo Culture for the Disabled

Kantaro Matsui has been a professor at International Budo University since 2007, where he assumed the roles of dean in 2015 and vice-president in 2019. His research focuses on budo, a comprehensive system of Japanese martial arts, for the disabled. He runs the Association of Budo Culture for the Disabled, promotes budo to the disabled, and has been involved in the Japanese government’s program "Sports for Tomorrow", which promotied 2020 Tokyo  Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. During this, he visited 6 European countries holding lectures for the promotion of Japanese martial arts for the disabled. In the 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference, organized by Science Council of Japan, he coordinated the “Diversity and Inclusion! Session, where he gave a presentation titled “The inclusive nature of Budo, Japanese martial arts“ and a symposium titled “ Body-mind Coalescence as an Extension of Entities and the Environment “. 
Selected publications
books: “BUDO PERSPECTIVE volume ONE”  2005 Kendo World Publications Ltd.
papers: “Budo practice for post-stroke patients – reflections on historical and scientific issues” 2015 Archives of Budo
“An insight into the rule-defining process of Paralympic Karate and its benefits on karate and people with disabilities” 2019 Archives of Budo 
"An invitation to Budo for the disabled Is Budo good for the disabled?  Is Budo for the disabled good for Budo?” 2018
multiple languages
English version  https://blog.canpan.info/kantaro/img/SFT-English.pdf
Polish version  https://blog.canpan.info/kantaro/img/Polish.pdf
Hungarian version  https://blog.canpan.info/kantaro/img/Hungarian.pdf
Serbian version  https://blog.canpan.info/kantaro/img/Brochure20in20Serbian20.pdf
Budo experience
Manager of Karatedo Club at the International Budo University for twenty five years Tankendo(短剣道) fifth dan


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