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Welcome - 4th Congress 

4th World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts

7th International Conference of IMACSSS

(with IMACSSS General Assembly)

University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów (Poland), 

October 17-19, 2018



As we have already informed you, the 7th International IMACSSS Conference and the 4th World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts in Rzeszów will be held on 17-19 October 2018 at the University of Rzeszow premises together with the 25th Anniversary of the Idōkan Poland Association.
For some reasons we are going to abandon the Martial Arts Gala this time, but we are going to hold different workshops and demonstrations which will be described in more detail below.
Generally, we all adopt the principle that IMACSSS and the Congress should not be affected by political and ideological demonstrations. As we all represent scientific institutions and the team of researchers, we promote the classical truth. 
Officially, there are 8 divisions of IMACSSS [www.imacsss.com]. The scientific topics of our Congress should correspond to the names of these divisions. It will probably be a session on historical and sports fencing. There will also be, for the first time, a session on security issues. Members enrolled in particular sections are requested to animate some research activities in order to present the effects at the Congress.
Extended abstracts of proposed papers and posters as well as abstracts of workshops will be required for evaluation. The Scientific Committee will decide on the evaluation of papers, with regard to choice of oral presentations and poster proposals as well as workshop presentations.
The abstracts of papers and posters should include the description of the scientific problem, methods, results and conclusion. Similarly, scientific/research workshop presentations. In case of practical workshops, you need to give some information about the teaching methodology of the techniques, the training, improving special skills, the skills of self-defence and fight. You can give either general technique and tactics analysis or suggestions for specific practical solutions. So the authors of practical workshops should first give the abstract and during the workshop be able to make comments/explanations in the English language.
If any group of Congress participants wishes to give an open performance, you are kindly requested to provide an English commentator or an interpreter. The performance should last around several or fifteen minutes including the comment. We are planning only a few performance groups as the total time of the performance should not exceed one-hour break in the discussions.
It will be organised the next edition of the IMACSSS Young Researcher Award.
We are going to prepare an Abstract Book and a special edition of the “Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology” – the full text Proceedings Book with all papers that will be sent to the Web of Science.

IMACSSS – the International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society
University of Rzeszów, Faculty of Physical Education

WSPIA Rzeszowska Szkoła Wyższa,
     Katedra Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, Kryminalistyki i Kryminologii
European Martial Arts Committee (EMAC)
Idokan Poland Association
International Association for Taekwondo Research (IATR)
International Association of Sport Kinetics (IASK)
Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (IMAS)
Japanese Academy of Budo (JAB)

Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Ministry of Sport and Tourism
Carpathian Marshal 
Senator Prof. Dr Aleksander Bobko
President of the City Rzeszów
Rector of the University of Rzeszów
“Ido Movement for Culture. 
       Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology”

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