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Conference themes - 3rd Congress 

Topics & Workshop

We are open to a wide range of topics, having in mind the holistic paradigm. We will accept the works within the following research fields:
  • Topic 1: Coaching, training and fighting skills;
  • Topic 2: Biomedical problems of combat sports and martial arts;
  • Topic 3: Humanistic, philosophical, socio-cultural issues, psychological, pedagogical, historical (during the 7th Symposium “Man – Martial Arts – Humanism”).
There is also a possibility to apply for practical activities within the Workshops of Martial Arts.

Special session for young scientists

During our Congress we are organizing the 2nd Edition of the IMACSSS Young Researcher Awards. It will be a special session for candidates for this Awards. 
Every young scientist who wishes to take part in this competition, should indicate it on the application questionnaire during registration.

Plenary and keynote speeches

We are trying to arrange plenary and keynote speeches by: Prof. Fuminori Nakiri (Japan), Prof. Willy Pieter (South Korea) and Prof. Emerson Franchini (Brasil), and we expect some world famous experts will join the Congress: Prof. Chuchchai Gomaratut (GM of Muai Thai and Krabi Karabong), Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht (GM of Wing Tsun), Dr Roland J. Maroteaux (Hanshi of Takeda-ryu), Prof. Lothar Sieber (Meijin of Yoshin-ryu, Soke Zendo Karate Tai-Te-Tao), Prof. Fumiaki Shishida (8 dan, Japan Aikido Association), Shihan Sergio Mor-Stabilini (Sankido and Katori Shinto-ryu), Shihan Hans-D. Rauscher (Combat Arnis and Muso-ryu).

Martial Arts Gala
We have already received some applications for the Martial Arts Gala from a few performance groups. They are going to show, for example, Old Polish fencing, hopak - an Ukrainian martial art, Japanese iaido and kendo, Korean hapkido and ITF taekwondo.
The arrangements with the experts are still being made. After they have been finished, the information about the Scientific Committee nominations and other details will be presented on the Congress website. The schedule will also be given soon.

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